Tournament Fees and Payout

  • Tournament fee is $80 per boat.  
  • Payment can be made at Bryant’s Osage Outdoor Bait & Tackle located at 716 N. Main, Laurie, Mo 65037, up to 2 days in advance of the tournament. 
  • Entry fee may be paid up to 10 minutes before take off, entries will not be accepted after this cut off.  Exceptions to this rule can be made by the tournament committee, for bad weather or other extenuating circumstances. 

  • The payout schedule pays one place for every five (5) boats plus big bass.  
  • There will be a payout for second big bass after ten (10) boats.
  • If there are 20 boats, payout will be based off of 18.
  • Side pot will be collected by the Club, $20 per boat, 100% payout, 65% to first and 35% to 2nd. After 21 boats, will payout 3 places (50%, 30%, 20%) 
  • A 5 minute grace period will be announced after the last fish has been weighed, after the 5 minutes, the scales will be closed and will not reopen for any reason. 
  • You must obtain an official weigh in bag, to weigh your fish.  Bags will be limited, you must wait for a released bag, to bring your fish to the scales.
  • After weigh in of each tournament, a drawing will be held for a free entry into the next tournament.  The team drawn will also be the number one boat to take off.  The free drawing is non-transferrable and will not carry over into any other tournament.  Failure to show up for the following tournament will result in loss of free entry and the earliest paid entry will assume the number one slot. 

Other Awards

  • The winner of  the Angler of the year will receive a trophy (in the event 2 anglers from the same team have the highest total points, both will receive a trophy)  in the event of a tie of 2 teams, total pounds for the year will be used as the tie breaker.
  • There will be trophies awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers in the Classic Tournament.
  • Big Bass of the Year will receive a Trophy  and prize money. 

Tournament Rules

  • There is a five (5) fish limit per boat. 
  • Bass must be a minimum of 12” for spotted bass and 15” for largemouth bass. 
  • You must be live-well checked by one of the committee members before fishing.
  • Only artificial baits may be used. 
  • Only one rod may be used per fisherperson at a time.  
  • Pork style baits are allowed.
  • There will be no culling within the take of weigh in cove.  This will result in immediate disqualification.  
  • Off limits will be established for new Station 46 location.
  • Members may fish alone in any tournament.  ($80 Fee still applies)
  • Safe fishing and boating practices must be observed at all times. 
  • Mid-Lake Bass Club observes all Missouri Department of Wildlife rules and regulations, this includes the culling laws specific to July and August.   
  • All boaters must carry liability insurance with $100,000 minimum coverage. 
  • There are no guests allowed.  To compete in the club, you must be a member and paid at least two weeks prior to the tournament you wish to fish. 
  • In case of Fog, you need to contact 1 of these members and have your livewell checked before fishing, you will need to go to their location to be checked. 
  • Kevin Owen 573-280-3604
  • Ed Bryant 573-480-6162
  • Mike Thompson 816-985-3956
  • Larry Lux 816-517-2941
  • Dana Hayes 816-365-0065
  • Kevin Homan 660-349-8598 
  • Tom Trussel  913-526-4316
  • You must have your livewell checked at the take off site, If you do not make take off for any other reason, you will be disqualified.  
  • To qualify for The Classic, a member must have fished a minimum of four regular season tournaments.  
  • The Classic will be a 2 day tournament, with the cumulative weight from both days determining the placement. 
  • Entry fee for the Classic is $100.  Will pay 3 Big Bass Each Day, Members are eligible to win a Big Bass prize both days.  There will be a side pot each day. 

Weigh In Penalties

  • Late penalty of one (1) pound per minute up to ten (10) minutes, then disqualification
  • Short fish- one (1) pound and loss of that fish
  • Dead fish- eight (8) ounce deduction only.  One (1) dead fish can be presented for weigh in.  
  • Dead fish may be weighed in for Big Bass (eight ounce deduction applies to Big Bass also) 

Midlake Bass Club

Angler of the Year

 Points will be given as follows:

1st Place finish….  50 points
2nd Place finish…. 48 points
3rd Place finish…. 46 points
4th Place finish…. 45 points
5th Place finish…. 44 points

6th Place finish... 43 points

7th Place finish... 42 points
Down to 2 pts.

If you weigh in fish …. 2 points

Appearance points only (no fish) APO…. 1 point

Big Bass…. 2 points
2nd Big Bass…. 1 point 

Angler of the Year points accumulate from March through September